Under Construction

Well I decided to do a little changing before I really started my blog up.I didn’t like the way the other theme looked,it just didn’t flo with my thoughts.I’m an ole wood type lady,anything old ‘antiquey’ and ‘outdoorsy’ looking is what I’m about ♥ Anywho hopefully in the next few days I’ll get my Quirky “Woman of The Deep South Journal” up and going.Until then folks,Bless ya’lls hearts for stopping by an be sure to come on back again ya hea….


Been Under the Weather today,Read the sign and i’ll get back with ya Tomorrow


Sitting here trying to figure this thing out….

Well I’m sitting here trying to figure this thing out.Oh I already wrote that,well it did sound good the 1st time I wrote it anyway,so why not write it again huh..Can’t sleep again my many nights of insomnia are making me a little crazy but heck I’m already crazy so what makes a difference if I go a little more Nuts,right.Right,there I go talking to myself again,but who listens to me anyway.Me,or Lord I’m scaring myself now,ready for the funny farm but as everyone knows I’m already there out here in the sticks so my own little crazy Southern world is about to go public.Always needed to write stuff down can’t write a paragraph on facebook in the comments then it becomes a work,a work of what I say,and nobody ever takes the time to read the long drawn out stuff on there to many interesting things to view.Now they got all those picture sayings my oh my getting more like the ole myspace everyday.

   The wind is howling so hard tonite I can’t think,but I can’t think anyway so that don’t make no diffence either. My hubby is sleeping so soundly and snug,I just hate it ,here I am all hunched over this computer with my back throbbing in hurt and he’s sleepying like a baby in a cradle.I tell you something gotta give in this over 50 thing or I’m just gonna #@$*&… Don’t know what all the little letters mean,but I mean it all,every dang one of em…When is this ‘your in the best years of your life’ junk start.Been waiting for it for 12 years now and I ain’t seen it so far.Maybe tomorrow my ship will come in and it’ll be the D-day or the Penney here is your new debit card with no limit,please take it and go.Would be so nice but thats for another day.